About this interview

In this episode of 'Educators Corner', we interviewed Tarun Khullar, President and CEO of Pacific Link College, about the institution's unique approach to education in Canada. 

Pacific Link College is committed to providing comprehensive support and opportunities for success to international students who come to Canada through their partner agencies. 

The institution offers innovative programs that are designed to be career-oriented and flexible to meet the needs of students. Pacific Link College has also established partnerships with leading industry players to provide students with job opportunities as soon as they arrive in Canada.

Tarun emphasizes the importance of listening to agents and students to ensure the success of the institution.

They help over 600 students every year from 38 countries and are expanding to serve even more students and agencies worldwide.

If you are an agency looking to partner with an institution that is committed to the success of international students in Canada, be sure to connect with Pacific Link College on Edvisor!