Introducing Canadian College of Technology and Business (CCTB)

CCTB offers a unique approach to education, focusing on practical skills and business knowledge to prepare students for successful careers in technology fields.

During this conversation we talk about:

  • CCTB's range of programs in cybersecurity, data engineering, software quality assurance, user experience and more, CCTB is committed to providing students with a comprehensive education that covers both technical and business knowledge.

  • They have a strong focus on providing support and services to ensure students feel comfortable and taken care of during their time studying abroad.

  • Their track record of success is impressive, with many of their students landing amazing jobs right after graduation. Students have secured positions at leading companies such as IBM, Telus Communications, and Boeing, to name a few. This success is due to CCTB's emphasis on employment preparation and readiness programs, which help students stand out from the competition.

  • CCTB has a large team to support agents in various regions, including business developers who speak many languages.

Reach out to CCTB through Edvisor to start the process and provide your students with a valuable tech education experience!